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About SimRoom

We are from high tech working careers. We have built and driven real race cars. Flown real aircraft. We test world leading technology, understand how it works then integrate with the products we manufacture.

Simulation hardware & gaming rooms with large curved screens, HD to 4k+ resolutions, cinema-level motion, vibration, rumble and superb audio sound.

SimRoom UAV / Flight training suites are just like standing at the airfield with every component controllable. Reviewable Retina, head position tracking and simulation data provide data sets for replays and analysis against required performance levels. Developed for University R & D level research, this solution can be scaled to any size.

My Best Clients

World-class brands and established companies have chosen SimRoom as a reliable partner.

  • Red Bull
  • Nvidia
  • BP
  • Topgear
  • Coke