VR3 Rig - Chrome Edition + Logitech Adaptor Kit

VR3 Rigs

VR3 Rig - Chrome Edition + Logitech Adaptor Kit

FROM US$1050

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VR3 Racing Simulator

Polished Stainless steel frame with concealed cabling and options to customise.

The Chrome Rig comes with the Carbon Fibre effect racing seat as standard.

Also includes a Logitech G27 Adaptor Kit.

For further information please click on the FAQ's tab.

  1. These have not answered my questions where can I go?

    You can go to our company FAQ's page, you will find this on the menu bar at the top of the page. Or you are welcome to go to the contact us page where we would be happy to help.

  2. What additional items do I need?

    The additional requirements are:

    - Racing Wheel & Pedals
    - PS3, Xbox or PC
    - HD Display Device & Display Stand
    - HDMI Cable
    - Racing Software
    - Sound System (optional)

  3. What are the assembled dimensions?

    The assembled dimensions are:

    Length 1.6m = 63in
    Width 0.64m = 25in
    Height 1.08m = 43in

  4. What controls are Compatible with the VR3?

    Adaptor Kits are available for the VR3 to support the following controls)

    - Logitech G25/G27* Racing Wheel (wheel, pedals and shifter),
    - Fanatec Racing Wheels (GT2, GT3, CSR, CSR Elite, Clubsport Base)
    - Fanatec Shifter (sequential or gate)
    - Fanatec Pedals (ClubSport CSR, CSR Elite,
    - Thrustmaster T500-RS or F1 Wheel & Pedals
    - Thrustmaster TH8-RS Gate Shifter

    * For Logitech G25/G27 configurations we suggest the use of a Shifter Extension Cable

    * T500 RS Pedals are only supported when used in F1 Mode.

  5. What does the VR3 package include?

    The VR3 package includes: 

    · VisionRacer VR3 Rig (Chassis & Seat)
    · Wheel Adaptor Kit

    The items are delivered to your address and you assemble in the comfort of your home.

  6. What is the shipping dimensions of a VR3 Rig?

    The shipping dimensions of a VR3 Rig are - 101 x 64.5 x 58cm (0.38cbm)

  7. What is the shipping weight of a VR3 Rig?

    The shipping weight of a VR3 Rig is:

    Black - 33.4kg
    Chrome - 30.6kg